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Hello friends welcome to you. In today’s article, we are going to know about Quordle #154 answers . And are going to See Quordle #154  Answers at the same time. 

Quordle #154 answers

The first word begins with C and is related to being in charge.

The 2nd word starts with S and is related to “stirring” or the word “spiral”.

The 3rd word begins with the letter S and refers to telling someone to be quiet.
The third word starts with the vowel O and is an act of being competitive.
All right, follow the clues, and try guessing the location of the vowels first.

Most would have got the words by now. If not, let me reveal the words for today. Those who wish to scratch their head and try for the answer do not scroll further.


The answers for the 154 Quordle are given below, and I hope you have got them all.

  • 1st word: CHIEF
  • 2nd word: SWIRL
  • 3rd word: SHUSH
  • 4th Word: OUTDO

You guys are superheroes for those who managed to get them right, and congratulations on your winning streak.

The daily Quordle answers for game #154 are generally straightforward words, but repeated letters might make them harder. There's a repeated O in OUTDO, but worse still there are two of them — a repeated S and repeated H — in SHUSH.

My strategy involves playing three set words at the outset in order to eliminate or confirm as many common letters as possible. I always start by playing one of the best Wordle start words, in my case STARE, then follow that up with DOILY and PUNCH.


That usually gives me a good head start on the daily Quordle answers, but today was slightly disappointing, with four letters for three puzzles and three for the other; I typically get all five for at least one.

Still, I had three greens and one yellow for the top right, which made it a fairly simple job to find SWIRL. In the top left, meanwhile, I only had one green — an I in the middle — but I did also have yellow CH that had been ruled out of positions #4 and #5. Obviously it was possibly the C and H wouldn't be together, but it's a common combination and playing them at the start gave me CHIEF and my second puzzle solved.

Very helpfully, playing CHIEF had also given me a second green H for the bottom-left puzzle, which now looked like this: SH--H. With a yellow U to also include, SHUSH had to be the answer.

Finally, the bottom right, where I had just four letters still: a green U in position #2, plus yellow D, O and T. This one took me a little longer, but OUTDO suggested itself before too long and I completed this daily Quordle with two guesses remaining. Hopefully you solved it too.

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