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Our mine is in. One of the gold fields of Canada were taken by surprise when instead of gold they found mummified remains of a baby woolly mammoth from the ice age.
Palaeontologists say it is one of the most incredible mummified ice age animals ever discovered in the world. The animal is believed to have died more than 50,000 years ago when woolly mammoths roamed alongside wild horses, cave lions and bisons. 

Baby Woolly Mammoth Photos



Authorities have named the calf and non-sugar, which means a big baby animal. The baby mammoths remains were discovered during excavation through permafrost in Canada's Yukon territory, which borders the US state of Alaska. The animal is believed to be female, according to the Yukon government. The discovery is also unusual, as mummified remains with skin and hair are rarely unearthed. The discovery marks the first near complete and best preserved mummified woolly mammoth found in North America before in Toga. The partial mammoth calf named Effie was found in 1948 at a gold mine in Alaska's interior. At 45,000 year old mummified infant, woolly mammoth known as Libya, was also discovered in Siberia in 2006.

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