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 Internet Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – Easy Ways To Earn Money Online


Today the Internet has expanded all over the world. Nowadays everyone knows how to operate the internet. Have you ever thought that internet is a good way to spend time as well as earn money. Today I will tell you some such ways by which you can earn a lot of money from internet. Follow the steps given below to earn money from internet


1. Blog Banakar Paise Kamaye

2. Youtube Se Paise Kamaye

3. Facebook Se Paise Kamaye 

4. Whatsapp Se Paise Kamaye

5. Article Writing Service Se Paise Kamaye:-

6. Online Photos Bechkar Paise Kamaye:-

Top 5 websites to sell photos: -  You can sell your photos by creating an account on any of these websites.


Make Money From Blogging

Although there are many ways to earn money from blog but the best one is Adsense. This is a reliable ads platform from which we can earn good income. If adsense is not enough for you then there are some other ways by which we can make good income from blog.

Earn money from YouTube

In today's era, everyone wants to earn money, this post is very beneficial for those who want to earn money. Although it is very easy to earn money from youtube, but hard work has to be done in every work. Some people think that this is all a fraud, friends, there is nothing like this because youtube is a service of Google and we all know that Google cannot be a fraud. Through this article, you will get complete information about how to earn money from YouTube.Com. Let's know how to earn money from youtube.

Steps to earn money from Youtube :-

1- Create your youtube channel
2- Upload video on the channel
3- Connect your channel with adsense
4- Monetize your video

Facebook Se Paise Kaise Kamaye :

1. Facebook Page Sell Karake Paise Kamaye :

We can earn a lot of money by selling our Facebook page. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a Facebook page popular, that's why many people want to buy an already popular page. That's why you can sell your Facebook page to those people and you can make your income from it.

When there are 1000-10000 likes on your page, then to sell it, create a post on your Facebook page that you want to sell or sell your Facebook page. If someone purchases your page then you can earn money from it.

2.  Affiliate Marketing Se Paise Kamaye:

We can make a good income on Facebook through Affiliate Marketing. We can make income by sharing Affiliate link of any product on our Facebook because if someone buys goods by clicking on the link shared by us, then we get some commission for it.

If we have a Facebook page, then we can share the Affiliate link on it and create a group on Facebook and share the link in that and earn money by sharing that link.

Note: -  We should share the link of such a product on our Facebook in which people are interested and on which discount is being given so that more and more people click on the link and buy the goods and we can get maximum commission.

3. Facebook Post Sell Karke Paise Kamaye

We can earn money by selling our Facebook post because there is a very big website on the internet which spends a lot for its promotion, they see that the link of their site should be shared on the Facebook page which is more liked so that more More visitors came to their site, there is such a website that does Post Purchase on our Facebook Pages



 How To Make Money With WhatsApp




1. Affiliate Marketing Se Paise:

It is very easy to earn money on WhatsApp with Affiliate Marketing.  If we have  a lot of WhatsApp Contacts then we can earn a lot of money from Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing, we have to sell any product, whenever someone buys it, we get some % commission of it.

First of all, you create your account on sites like Affiliate Marketing like Amazon, Flipkart, then create a link to that product, after creating a link, share it in your WhatsApp Contact and WhatsApp Group so that more and more people click on that link and buy your product. In this way you can get commission, you can make income from your WhatsApp, that too sitting at home.

If you do affiliate marketing on whatsapp, then isase you can easily earn from Rs 20000 to 30000 per month.

Note: Make a link to a product that is getting a discount or that product is attractive so that people buy it more and more and you keep getting the same commission.

2. Link Shortening Se Paise Kamaye :

Link shortening means to shorten any link, there are some websites on the internet that shorten the link and when any person clicks on them, they pay to click it.

There are some websites to shorten the link like , , Linkshrink  etc. Create your account and then do some kind of search in Google so that people like to share it and in which people have interest like Funny Image After finding Viral Videos, News etc, copy its link then go to the link shortening website on which you had created the account.

After logging in to that website, then through that copied link, now you have to make that link short, after the link is shortened, you can earn money by sharing it in your Whatsapp group. The more clicks there are, the more will be your income.

3. Apne Product, Website Ko Promote Karake:

If you do any business or you create a product, then you can promote it on Whatsapp. Or if you have a website, then you can increase the traffic on your website by sharing the link of your website on Whatsapp, if the traffic on your website increases then your income will also increase. In this way you can make your income from WhatsApp.

4.  Earning Apps share karke Paise Kamaye :

Friends, if you have more and more WhatsApp Groups, then you can earn money very easily by promoting any good Earning Apps, for this first you have to find some good Earning Apps.

These are some apps from which we can earn money by referring –

  • Earn Talktime
  • mCent
  • Ladooo
  • TaskBucks

5. PPD Network Se Paise Kamaye :

The full name of PPD is Pay Per Download, you can earn a lot of money through such networks. We have to upload any of our files like any music, video etc. on any PPD website, after that we get a link from which that file is downloaded, we have to share that link in all our Whatsapp group and more The more that file will be downloaded from our link, the more we will get payment. These are some PPD networks –

  • UsersCloud
  • ShareCash
  • FileBucks

We hope that you must have understood the Earning Tips mentioned by us very well, if you want to solve the problem related to this topic, then comment us or follow us by email, we will definitely help you.

Article Writing Service Se Paise Kamaye:-

There are some big bloggers who do not have time and bloggers search for some users who can write or write their articles, then this is also a good way to earn money by writing articles. You will be paid $2-$10 per article depending on the quality of the articles. You will be instructed about the quality of the articles, niche, number of words, etc. while making the deal.










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